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Rose Hill Schools USD 394

Board Member Resigns, then the Board Appoints a Member

While dealing with the daily operations of the School District the Rose Hill School Board has also been busy taking care of their membership for the 2014-15 school year.  

Earlier this year, Board Member Lori Carselowey mentioned at a Board meeting that she would have to resign as a member of the board if her home sold, because the home they would be moving to is located 1/8th of a mile outside of the Rose Hill School District boundary. Although the Board knew she would be leaving, what they didn't know was how soon. Unfortunately for the School Board the Carselowey home did sell and in April Lori submitted her letter of resignation effective June 30th.  Lori was elected to the Board for a four-year term at the April 2013 election.  She was seated at the Board table as a member on July 8, 2013.

Since then the Board has posted the vacancy in the local paper on May 1st, received interest letters from four candidates; David Hopkins, Kelle Cross, Bob Westwood and Heath Wallis and after an interview process at the June 9th meeting appointed Heath Wallis to fill the vacancy for one year.  Mr. Wallis will join the other board members at the July 14th meeting.  His appointment is for a term of one year.  The remainder 2 years of this term will be filled by election at the next general school board election April 2015. 

At the June 9th Board meeting President Kirk Hayden presented Lori a plaque that states: Presented to Lori Carselowey by the Board of Education in Recognition of Your Dedication and Service 2013-2014, Rose Hill Schools USD 394.

"It has been a very rewarding experience to serve on the Board of Education.  I appreciate the trust the citizens of the area placed in me, along with other board members, to help guide the district in the best possible direction for the students in USD 394.  I appreciate your support throughout the year. Thank you for your leadership and guidance," said Lori in her letter of resignation. 

Mr. Wallis and his wife of 15 years live in the District and have two children who attend Rose Hill Schools.  Heath’s employment with Beechcraft Corporation for nearly 14 years; the last three years as a Program Manager for several US and Foreign Government programs have prepared him with the understanding and importance of proper planning for the future.  He is looking forward to serving on the Board and giving back to the community. 

Mr. Wallis is shown being sworn in by Board Clerk Debra Crisler at the June 9th Board meeting. 

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Jul 24, 2014

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